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April 27 2012

Automatic gain adjustment

We implemented a feature which automatically adjusts the level on the output audio material to compensate for inherent differences in preset levels, for example between clean and distorted guitar sounds. This enables us to achieve a consistent audio level across the range of presets for a given equipment, specially usefull when exploring the Library.


February 26 2012

Quick Orders

Quick orders are a simplified version of the voind processing orders. Unlike normal orders which are available for registered users, quick orders can be issued by anyone who visits the site and wishes to evaluate the voind concept or a particular equipment.


January 7 2012

Sample Playlists

It is now possible to download a Playlist file containing samples from the library. This makes it much more convenient to listen to the different sounds without having to navigate the voind site.

In the Library section you will see a new a new set of buttons to download a Playlist file containing the selected samples:


December 31 2011

voind is back!

After almost a two year period during which other projects drove me away from the voind concept, the site is again up and running this time at .net TLD (at

The site has received minor cosmetic changes and is now focused on 4 major use cases.


June 2 2008

voind adds Mp3 support

We added MP3 to the list of formats used by voind in the library and also for delivering samples.


March 14 2008

voind enters public beta

voind is an internet-based service aimed at the amateur and hobbyist musician. These are individuals who in their home studios dedicate part of their spare time to play and record instruments, create musical arrangements and experiment with sound design and audio production.


March 14 2008

voind sneak preview

On March 14th voind was first shown. A sneak preview was arranged for the author's work colleagues at Kwintsheul, near the Hague, Holland.