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March 14 2008

voind enters public beta

On March 14th voind entered its "public beta test" phase.

voind is an internet-based service aimed at the amateur and hobbyist musician. These are individuals who in their home studios dedicate part of their spare time to play and record instruments, create musical arrangements and experiment with sound design and audio production.

While today an important part of the audio generation and processing tasks is done within the computer, the traditional hardware unit, be it a synthesizer or a sound processing unit, is still a very much desirable item in every home studio.

This is where voind comes in: voind offers the amateur and hobbyist musician virtual access to audio generation and processing hardware for use in his audio and music production. A typical scenario: an amateur musician having recorded a guitar part, is trying to achieve a particular sound he thinks would fit well in his latest and greatest song. He already has some guitar pedals in his home studio but none of those can pull out the sound he has in mind. He could invest some money on a second-hand guitar processing unit and try to get the sound he is looking for...

With voind he can now browse the library of hundreds of different sounds in the "Guitar processors" category, choosing from a variety of equipment available. He can upload his own file with the clean recorded guitar sound (listen to it here) and have it processed by the actual equipment with the settings he selected, receiving a sample of each of the resulting sound files. He can finally decide to use a particular sound (like this) and, for a small amount receive the full-quality audio file to include in his final work. Of course he can also become so impressed with that particular equipment that he decides to go out and buy it.

This works well for every type of audio synthesizing and processing hardware that can be set up from a computer. The system runs completely unattended and the amateur and hobbyist musician can choose to connect his own equipment to the voind network to produce audio material while he is sleeping and receive a percentage of the revenue generated by his equipment.

The site is now in a "public beta test" phase. This means that there is still work being done, some links still point to unfinished pages, etc. On the other hand the full-quality audio files are available for free and the site is already delivering what it was built for: unlimited access to audio generating and processing hardware.

You can listen here to a song produced with the equipment already available on the voind network.

We are planning to spend the next two months collecting User feedback, solving small technical issues, polishing the site and making it as friendly and fun to use as possible.