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January 7 2012

Sample Playlists

It is now possible to download a Playlist file containing samples from the library. This makes it much more convenient to listen to the different sounds without having to navigate the voind site (although we would like you to keep visiting us often!).

In the Library section you will see a new a new set of buttons to download a Playlist file containing the selected samples:

Registered users have the option to rate the samples using a three stars score and download a Playlist with only those selected samples:

There are currently two Playlist formats supported:
  • M3U
  • PLS
In addition you can use the samples as OGG or MP3, so there are four buttons for each Playlist format / codec combination. All these formats are recognized by the majority of media players so playing them should be straightforward. If you run into any problem playing these files please contact us at

When you open a Playlist file from voind you should see a list of the Samples that were selected when the file was downloaded:

You can save these playlists on your computer, send them by e-mail to a friend or colleague or otherwise share them as you see fit. As long as there is internet connectivity, opening the Playlist file will audition the samples contained in it.

For the more technicallly oriented amongst us, a Playlist file is nothing more than a collection of links to media resources. If you open a Playlist (for example a M3U) file with a text editor you will see that for each of the sample it presents its Title and the URL of the corresponding file in the internet: