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February 26 2012

Quick Orders

Quick orders are a simplified version of the voind processing orders. Unlike normal orders which are available for registered users, quick orders can be issued by anyone who visits the site and wishes to evaluate the voind concept or a particular equipment.

Quick orders limitations

  • Only currently online equipment is available for processing quick orders
  • Input files and resulting audio are discarded when the user leaves the voind site or closes the browser
  • Processing priority is lower than for normal orders
  • Quick orders are limited to 10 per day, maximum output audio lenght is limited to 10 seconds

Registered users can also issue normal orders which don't present these limitations and offer additional features

How to issue Quick Orders

The quick order control is visible on the voind main page. It presents five steps to let the user:

  • 1. Upload an audio or midi file
  • 2. Select an uploaded audio or midi file or one of the files supplied by voind
  • 3. Select an Equipment to process the input file
  • 4. Select a preset to be used
  • 5. Start the order processing and receive progress and status messages

Listening to input audio and preset samples

Even before starting the order, audio input files and any existing samples for the selected preset can be auditioned using the small buttons.

The audio should play inside the media control on the upper right corner of the browser window.

Audio for uploaded files is normally available between 10 and 20 seconds after the file has been uploaded.

Users can also select from several methods for playing audio.

Midi files - selecting midi tracks

Unlike Audio processors, audio generators (or synthesizers) require midi files as input. These files can contain "midi events" in one or several channels, usually for triggering different instruments.

For these files an additional list is presented to let the user select which midi channel should be used for generating audio.

Tracking progress and cancelling current order

Most of the times voind has enough information to predict when the order is going to be processed. The current order can also be cancelled at any moment.

Listening to order final result

After the order is processed the resulting audio can be auditioned using the button that becomes then available.